Pet Village has a new headquarter

Pet Village has a new headquarter

We are proud to announce that Pet Village has a new, bigger and welcoming headquarter.

In Via Stradello 35 in Madonna Dell'Albero (RA) you can find our new offices and comfortable meeting rooms, ready to greet suppliers and customers.

An important change: we have improved our operating system and increased the spaces with 5.000 square meters of warehouse, 10.000 square meters of service area and 1.000 square meters of offices.

The bigger environment has allowed us to hire new employees in the marketing area and in the logistic area, optimizing the service quality.

We have  also introduced a new software “Voice”, to follow vocally the preparation of orders and reduce the margin of error. From now on, our agents can take product orders and transmit them directly to the headquarters by tablet, for a computerized and more accurate management.

We are still working on the latest news and will soon get you involved: the coffee shop will soon be the icing on the cake of this major renovation project.