The global partner for the pet care world.

Our company is young and dynamic, with a proven track record in the pet care industry and a great passion for retail. We take care of domestic pets and their "adoptive families" by offering a wide range of quality items and accessories to provide the right solution to every need.

From products for animal hygiene or to that of the home in which they live to ensure health and wellbeing, but also from complete lines of games and entertainment to the best and healthiest snacks. We have many offers to allow you to take care of your pet in a safe manner and to create a happy sense of coexistence with their owners. However, we are also able to offer a qualified support to the operators of the industry as well as an excellent before and after sales service.

The best for the care and health of pets.

With Pet Village, cats and dogs are safer, healthier and more beautiful: we only choose the best for the care and health of animals. Thanks to our continuous confrontation with foreign markets, we market cutting-edge products that are in line with the new national and international trends and that stand out inside the point of sale for their communication style, graphics and amazing packaging.

All of our brands were carefully selected to meet the needs of consumers, to provide functional advantages and to ensure the welfare of animals, but also of those who take care of them. Furthermore, thanks to their peculiarities, each brand adds value to the point of sale, thus making it stand out for their attention to detail in terms of the selection of the products and services offered, thus ensuring a reliable and highly specialized commercial partnership.

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